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We have accommodations to meet your every need!
Rooms 101 and 102 are male-only and can accommodate 10 people each (5 bunk beds for 10 singles beds total).
Rooms 103 and 104 are female-only and can accommodate 10 and 14 people respectively (5 bunk beds for 10 single beds total in room 103, 7 bunk beds for 14 single beds total in room 104).
Room 105 is a private for both men and women (perfect for families) and can accommodate 6 people (3 bunk beds for 6 single beds total).

$40.00 USD per person per night Includes light breakfast, FREE Wi-Fi and towels.

We can accommodate group sizes up to 25 males, 30 females, or 50 persons for both.
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